Substances: Using Procedural Materials with Unity3D – Seattle User Group (Sept 2012)

Sep 19th, 2012 by Matthew Burns

Update: Allegorithmic has offerred us one collection of Substances for ALL attendees! ($~99 in value) If you haven’t RSVP yet, click Yes now and get ready to rock dynamic materials in your games soon!

Update 2: And we’ll have food! Thanks to Mike from Jetstream Software, we’ll have pizza for those of you who show up early enough before they are all gone 😉

Update 3: Mixed Dimensions is offering us two licenses of Game Draw as giveaways! With all these tools you can model and texture everything without leaving Unity! 😀

What are Smart Textures?

Substances are hybrid assets that can have multiple outputs to generate complete texture sets based on the same set of parameters. You can tweak and adjust exposed Substance parameters right inside of Unity and modify them at runtime on PC and Mac. It’s integrated into Unity since 3.0 (link).

Join us for a talk with artist Ronnie Ashlock on how this can benefit your game, as well as an overview on how to use the Substance Designer tool to create your own smart textures!

Try the dynamic texture below:
(click image to go to web player on

Thursday, September 27, 2012, 7:00 PM

The Easy 511 Boren Ave N. Suite B Seattle, WA