West Side Social

Jun 30th, 2013 by Matthew Burns

Tuesday at 7:00pm

It’s that time again! Come have a drink, share stories, play TowerFall and mingle with your fellow Seattle indies!

We’ll be convening at 17-BIT again this month. Like last time, there’ll be some growlers of local brews to share, but please feel free to bring your own food and drinks! If you’d like to partake from the beer provided, please consider bringing a couple of bucks with you to help cover the cost.
There’s no food at the studio, but Henry’s Tavern is just around the corner with some american pub grub. They just recently started doing a happy hour from 9-10 if you get hungry after the meetup, otherwise their food’s going to be a bit on the pricey side.

There are no plans for a formal schedule of presentations like we’ve had in previous months, but we will have access to the projector. Please leave a comment or message me directly if you’d like to set something up in advance.

There will be an OUYA hooked up to the projector, primarily for TowerFall or any other multiplayer party games people want to play, because there’s nothing like shooting arrows at people’s faces to break the ice.

Tell your friends, even those who aren’t in the group! This is an entirely inclusive event for anyone in Seattle who’s interested or already participating in independent video game development, so come down on Tuesday and meet some awesome people!