Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month recap

May 27th, 2021 by Tim Cullings

We had a great time highlighting our community members of AAPI descent on our social media channels and we hoped you enjoyed meeting and learning more about your fellow Seattle Indies community members. Here is a recap of all of the posts and people we highlighted this month for you to look back on.

Angel Mero (She/Her)

“Angel has volunteered with the Indies for the past five years. During that time she has helped with the monthly onboarding of new members, created and maintained our Discord server, creates posts on social media, including the job opportunities thread, created the Events and Meets reference list, assists us with SIX planning, and more.”

Lil Chan (She/Her)

“I am Lil Chan, a freelance concept artist and illustrator in games! I’ve worked on various video games and tabletop projects, currently art directing the magical social deduction game Which Wizard?, and I dream to illustrate a series of zines of D&D related alchemical components, potion ingredients, and magical items. In my off time, I main hunting horn in Monster Hunter Rise and obsess over my plant babies 🍁” 

Tania Pavlisak (She/Her)

“I’m a freelance 3D environmental artist for video games and virtual reality. I’m interested in projects that promote relaxation and help with mental health. My current personal project is creating a VR experience of exploring traditional Japanese house(s).” 

James Mello (He/Him)

“Hello! I am a sound designer and music composer based out of Seattle, WA. I’m currently excited about creating sound design for the awesome team at Impact Gameworks for their JRPG Flowstone Saga!” 

Nick Amlag (He/Him)

“Hello! I’m Nick Amlag, designer and artist behind the indie arcade title Breakpoint. When I’m not knee-deep in projects, I spend my time as an active member of the Seattle Indies community!” 

Miko Charbonneau (She/Her)

“I’m Miko, a Japanese-American designer and developer! I worked in VR and on Minecraft. Now I run my own studio, prettysmart games. One of our future games is about my grandmother’s life in the internment camp during WWII. I also stream game dev on Twitch every Thursday!” 

Albert Shih (He/Him)

“Hi – I’m Albert. I grew up in Taiwan and am currently in Seattle. Not too long ago, our team at Pillow Castle released a first-person puzzle game called Superliminal! We’re hoping to make a lot more cool stuff in the future!” 

Victor Chui (He/Him)

“As a Technical Artist I’ve always enjoyed working on all the different aspects of a game. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of applications from VR to consoles and mobile and most recently left my job at Next Level Games to pursue my solo indie journey working on my own title Sumo Seals” 

Edward Lu (He/Him)

“I’m a generalist engineer working at Galvanic Games. I made Breakpoint and lots of other small games. I also help organize the Indie Support group – check us out every Saturday on the Seattle Indies’ Discord!” 

Bryan Fu (He/Him)

“Seattle based animator and artist who’s been in the industry for 16 years. As an American born Chinese artist, I hope to continue to help create and improve games or any media I get myself involved with and strive for visual excellence. Currently I’m a senior animator/artist at Kooapps Inc helping make visually pleasing hyper casual games and managing/mentoring a highly talented art team.” 

Larry Johnson (He/Him)

“Hello! My name is Larry from the indie studio Miga. We’re close to finishing our 2nd game called Forest Grove. In fact our Steam page just went up! It’s a sci-fi detective game focusing on collecting evidence, solving puzzles, and piecing together a story.” 

Ray Pencil (He/Him)

“Hello! My name is Ray Pencil and I’m a game designer who was born and raised in Japan. I’ve been in Seattle for 12 years and have been working in the Seattle Indie Game Dev scene. I love making epic boss battles, and also hanging out with Seattle Indies!: 

Julie/Jules Godwin (She/Her)

“My name is Julie, and I’m a concept artist at Funko. My mother is Chinese – I was born in Alabama, grew up in Atlanta, and moved to Seattle five years ago with no looking back. I love making art, I love games, and I love the community.” 

Nina Kim (She/Her)

“Hello! My name is Nina. I am a designer that has worked on Merge Dragons, Fairway Solitaire, and various puzzle games. In my free time I love to make strange games with my friends, the Sticky Biscuits. I also enjoy participating in the Global Game Jam with Seattle Indies every year!  

Games have been such a positive influence in my life, so I hope to share that by creating games that help people to experience new perspectives, happiness, and connection with others!” 

Erika Mariko Olsen (They/She)

“Erika is a publishing producer at Humble Games, working on getting indies the support they need throughout development. This includes funding, playtesting, localization, QA, porting, and more!” 

Ket Ng (He/Him or They/Them)

“Hi, my name is Ket! I’m a half Malaysian born and raised in Seattle, and have been in the local indie scene for a few years. Currently I’m contracting with Funko Games to design board games, but I’m always interested in hearing about other interesting projects.” 

Nicole Jekich (She/Her)

“I’m a tabletop games producer and developer at Funko Games and worked on countless projects including Last Defense, Groundhog Day The Game, and the It’s a Small World game. I thoroughly enjoy the playtesting process and learning new and exciting ways to make highly-thematic and entry-level games…especially if they’re about food.”