Seattle Indies Socials

Gain some mingling and extrovert skill points at our Seattle socials! Make some new friends, catch up with old ones, and see what the community's up to. BYOB encouraged!

Every 4th Tuesday

Eastside Meet & Drinks

For those who prefer the other side of the water, put down your keyboards and brave the outdoors. Let's get together for a drink, a bite to eat, and some good conversation!

Every 2nd Tuesday
  Meet up with us

Game Club

What a book club is to discussion of literature, this event is to discussion of game design. Every month, we play one game, then meet to discuss and analyze its design and presentation.

Every 3rd Wednesday

Indie Support Group

We're getting together so we can get stuff done. Fire up your laptop, plug in your headphones, and go heads-down on that bug you've been wrestling for weeks — or ask for help from a nearby friendly face!

Every Saturday
  Plug in

Critique Circle

Put down your keyboard and grab your laptop, it's time for some show & tell! Join us for a game's critique session. Bring your game, show it off, and get feedback from other game makers.

Every 4th Monday

Seattle Indies Expo

SIX is a one-day exhibition where we show off up-and-coming Seattle indie games to the world! Thousands of attendees stop by to check out the games, get inspired, chat with developers, and share their feedback.

on PAX weekend
  Submit a game

Global Game Jam

Seattle Indies is a proud host of the annual Global Game Jam! Come get ready to hunker down, flex your creative muscles, and make a game in just 48 hours!

in January
  Join the jam

Holiday Party

Missing a company party of your own for the holidays? Never fear - we have you covered. Join us for a special night of festive drinks and merry-making with your fellow indies!

in December
  Make merry