Game Club, May 20 – I Am Bread

May 6th, 2015 by Constance Chen
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(For those who need a quick refresher: what a book club is to discussion of literature, the Eastside Game Club is to discussion of game design.)

This month’s game is I Am Bread, the epic story of a slice of bread’s journey to become toast from the makers of Surgeon Simulator. Come discuss and analyze its design and presentation on Wednesday, May 20th!

To Participate:

  1. Sign up for the event.
  2. Purchase I Am Bread. To make sure anyone can participate, we try to keep games under $20 and focus on Steam, web, or mobile.
  3. Play the game. Pick it apart. Take notes!
  4. Attend the event (very important!). We’ll discuss our individual impressions and insights, and hopefully come away better and wiser game creators.

The address is only visible to members of the meetup group, so be sure to join if you’re interested in attending!