Games For Our Future Expands in 2020!

Aug 28th, 2019 by Tim Cullings

Games For Our Future aims to bring the worlds of game development and scientific research together to help solve complex social issues through collaborative events like the Games For Our Future Game Jam, co-hosted for the past two years by Seattle Indies, the University of Washington, the Seattle Serious and Social Impact Games Meetup and Pacific Science Center.

In 2018 climate science researchers and over 50 game developers came together for 48 hours at Pacific Science Center to make 8 games on the theme of Surviving Climate Change, then in 2019 over 70 game developers joined with new and returning climate science researchers from UW to make 11 games on the theme of Creating a Green Tomorrow.

Climate change is not an issue local to Seattle, WA however and Researchers and Game Developers all over the country and the world are excited to bring their creative minds together to work on solutions for this issue that affects us all. That is why in 2020 we are excited to be bringing the Games For Our Future Game Jam to five more cities including; Pittsburgh, PA, Boston, MA, Portland, OR, Austin, TX and Victoria, BC.

To help bring more research participants we’ve added Take This as co-organizers for 2020 and on the games side we’re working with PIG Squad, Bit Bridge Indies, Boston Indies and IndieMegabooth to bring talented game developers from all over North America together for this event in early May of 2020. On the science/research side of things we are already working with OMSI and the Carnegie Science Center and looking to add more.

To find out how your game or research community can get involved in the event or for sponsorship information email for more information.