Global Game Jam 2018

Jan 30th, 2018 by Bilgem Cakir
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Game Jams are a manifestation of pure indie spirit. Small teams, little time, big collaboration. So, it is fitting for Seattle Indies to once again host a site for Global Game Jam.

That almost didn’t happen this year due to last-minute logistical problems, but thankfully, that did not stop our game jam guru, Tim Cullings. Much like a developer finding a workaround during a game jam, he improvised. Help came from the amazing people at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and the Pacific Science Center. Two sites merged resulting in a bigger, better, stronger jamming experience for all involved.

225 attendees created 40 games full of that fresh game jam aesthetic. They interpreted this year’s theme, Transmission, in numerous ways. Some came up with diverse controller mechanics, like input delays, out of order commands, or voice pitch. Others worked the theme into their story or environment, like transmission of cargo, resources, pastries, messages, viruses, and even neural signals.

Sunday evening, sleep-deprived attendees celebrated each other’s effort and achievements over the last 48 hours. Each team presented their creations with proud smiles, before they left for their much-deserved rest.

Once again, shout out to our organizer, Tim Cullings, and our speakers, Chad Jenkins, Eric Carter, Alex Schearer, and Jenn Sandercock. And of course, and a huge thank you to AIE and PSC. Congratulations to all attendees for another great year of GGJ!

Now let’s play some games:

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