Indie Adventures takes to the skies!

Apr 30th, 2017 by Constance Chen
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Hosted by Jenn Sandercock, Indie Adventures is a regularly irregular series of social outings and escapades. Join us on Meetup to get notified of our next adventure!

Well… we didn’t literally takes to the skies, but you know what I mean! This month’s Indie Adventure took us to the Museum of Flight, where we explored the innards of several retired airliners and gazed in shock and awe upon various WWI & WWII bombers. Despite Seattle’s most typically gloomy weather, our spirits remained uplifted by the wealth of information, history, and feats of engineering before us. Discussions of various game mechanics sprouted and photos of art reference were snapped, all inspired by the ingenuity of flight. Although, despite our most vociferous dares, no one had the courage to go into the 360 flight simulators.

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