Seattle Indies Expo 2016 – Exhibitor applications are open!

May 2nd, 2016 by Constance Chen

Can you believe a year has flown by already? We’re incredibly excited to announce that SIX 2016 is open for business! Have a game? We’d love to see it! But before you begin, we have some new info this year on our requirements and process!

SIX 2016 Requirements and Limitations

  1. Applicants must have a playable demo for our jurors to play and evaluate your game with.
  2. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough room for all the games that apply to us each year. We have floorspace for 25 games, but received around 50 applications last year. The further along your game is in development, the better your game will score in juror reviews.
  3. We try to focus our expo on games from the Seattle area, or at least the greater Pacific Northwest. As such, we only accept a maximum of 5 games a year from outside the Pacific Northwest.
  4. If you’re simultaneously applying to PAX Prime or Indie Megabooth, please let us know immediately if you are accepted into either. One of the goals of SIX is to allow lesser known games and developers to have a chance at the spotlight – as such, we will ask games that get accepted into PAX or IMB to pass their spot to the next game in line.
  5. As a courtesy, we ask that repeat exhibitors (who have already demo’d the same game with us in the preceding year) re-apply only if they have substantial content & gameplay changes from the last year.
  6. Exhibitor applications close on June 24th, 11:59pm.


  1. It costs $6 to apply to SIX. Our panel of volunteer jurors each spend about 20 minutes playing your game, and we average 5 jurors per game. We sink a lot of our time into evaluating our games, and want to ensure a certain minimum effort as a barrier to entry.
  2. Please be aware that if you’re been chosen to exhibit, the cost of a table is a further $66. We provide exhibitors with a table, a black tablecloth, power strips, some oddly small folding chairs (courtesy of Melrose), and dinner. Everything else such as devices, monitors, cables, and printed materials must be obtained on your own.

Selection Process

Seattle Indies Expo has a juror panel consisting of volunteers from the Seattle Indies community. Each game will receive a minimum of 4-5 jurors playing and reviewing a game. At the end of their written review is a simple Yes / No question for whether they think they game should be shown at SIX. If a game received 4 Yes’s and 1 No, its final score is 4 / 5 = 80%. At the end of jurying, we select the 25 games with the highest scores (skipping games that do not meet the regional requirement or are already in PAX or IMB).

Our jury process guarantees that:

  1. Your game will be played by 4-5 jurors for a minimum of 15 minutes each
  2. All applicants will receive a nicely formatted email and PDF containing juror feedback, including a list of actionable suggested improvements, and a list of positive quotes about the game.
  3. You retain the ability to use said quotes in PR & presskit materials (feel free to attribute to Seattle Indies Expo).

We think that the feedback process is well worth the $6 fee, and hope you agree! If you do, click here to get started!