The inaugural Seattle Indies Game Jam was definitely not a scam

Aug 7th, 2017 by Constance Chen

The Seattle Indies Game Jam is a 48 hour event where the theme is decided by our wonderful community! Participants will be tasked with creating a game between 6:30pm on Friday to 6:30pm on Sunday, in whatever format they choose, while using the selected theme as guidance. The jam is a chance to explore the medium, collaborate with others, and learn new skills, in a celebration of the unique abilities and perspectives of each attendee!

Our first-ever Seattle Indies Game Jam was hosted just this weekend at the Living Computers Museum + Labs, and saw 17 teams and completed games to the theme of “Definitely Not A Scam”! We laughed, we cried, we passed out at our keyboards – but in the end, we hope everyone walked away with either an experience or a game they could be proud of!

Tremendous thanks again to the Living Computers Museum + Labs for hosting us for 48 hours straight, and to our amazing donors and Patreon supporters for sponsoring our pizza for the final presentation of games! Please don’t forget to check out and play all 17 games that were created at the jam!