Seattle Indies @ Renton City Comic Con

Sep 17th, 2017 by Constance Chen
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This September saw Seattle Indies at a number of amazing showcases, not least of which was Renton City Comic Con! With a small-but-mighty showing of 8 fun and fabulous indie games, we got to introduce folks to the joys of VR, watch people ragequit a surfboard, check out some seriously rad cosplays, buy long-lost video games, and eat some awesome curry & naan across the street.

Thank you to the developers of Triangul8HevnDead HorizonSpartagaPhantom BrigadeGolden StairsFlippy Board, and Mender’s Strife for coming out to demo their games to some very starry-eyed kids!

Before I go, I can’t forget to give a huge shout out to our event volunteers, Tim Cullings and Austin Kalkins-Wolfe – without them, nothing would ever happen around here!