Seattle Indies @ WN Conference Seattle ’21

Oct 18th, 2021 by Tim Cullings

We are excited to be teaming up with WN Conference Seattle to offer our members free space to exhibit your games at the upcoming conference and to gain full access to the conference itself. More detail as provided by the conference organizers:

Gain a foothold on the market with WN Seattle’21 and WN North America Online’21

After holding its business conferences for the game industry in Russia, Europe, and China, WN Conference enters the USA with two synced events in November: a physical WN Seattle’21 on November 16-17 and an online conference WN North America Online’21 on November 15-19.

Different markets, different approach but there’s one thing all WN events have in common: networking being the main focus. Important for any market player and absolutely vital for indie devs, networking reigns WN Seattle’21. Here’s why it is a place to be for the indie devs:

In-person communication

The game industry has been longing for in-person professional communication ever since the pandemic. WN Seattle’21 is tailored to provide indie devs with efficient, comfortable networking and opportunities to form new partnerships on the spot because nothing beats a vis-à-vis communication.

The venue has lounge zones, meeting points, and conference rooms available for all the attendees. Using the WN Hub communication platform, conference participants can schedule meetings with absolutely anyone on-site or online, be it another indie dev or a major industry face.

Highly specialized audience

WN Seattle’21 hosts solely the representatives of commercial departments of the game dev industry. Indie devs can meet over 1,000 local and international publishers, service providers, investors, game platforms and studios representatives to form an alliance. WN North America Online’21 has 2,000 more specialists available for networking and partnerships via the WN Hub communication platform.

Developer showcase

No doubt, the showcase is one of the best ways for an indie team to boost their game project, find publishers, partners, and investors, and get feedback on your game. WN Seattle’21 showcase accepts game projects on any development stage. Submit your application on the website.

If your project makes it to the final list of the on-site showcase in Seattle, your team will get a free Premium Pass to join the event + your own furnished booth with sockets. If you make it to an online showcase, your team gets an Online Premium Pass and a page dedicated to your game with all the information you’d like to provide.

Besides the WN Seattle’21 showcase, you can apply for showcases of other WN conferences to present your project to game industry professionals all across the globe. Apply for WN North America Online’21, WN China Online’21, or WN Moscow’21 and use your opportunities to skyrocket your game!