Seattle Indies Expo 2014 is coming to Melrose Market Studios on Sept 1st!

SIX 2014 is happening on PAX weekend, Monday, September the 1st, at Melrose Market Studios! Melrose is six blocks and a short six minute walk away from PAX. SIX is free to attend and does not require a PAX badge. Doors open to the general public at 10 AM and close at 6 PM. We’ll have a showing of over 23 incredible games for all to play. Check out for the full line-up and for more info!

If you’re going, sign up on Eventbrite, and bring your friends! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Upcoming Events Galore!


Invisible Arcade - July 29th

Full Indie Summit August 9/10

SIGGRAPH comes to Vancouver Aug 10-14th

UNITE the following week!

PAXDEV and PAX Prime the next week, along with SIX - SEATTLE INDIES EXPO!  

This is a great place to be a developer!


SUUG: Substance in Unity and Physically Based Rendering

Seattle Unity Users Group present:  Substance in Unity and Physically Based Rendering

Allegorithmic’s Substance suite is a powerful tool for creating and editing procedural materials - if that weren’t reason enough, Unity natively supports substance materials, with many free and paid substance assets already existing on the Asset Store.

This month, some of the Allegorithmic developers — Alexandre Bagard, Alexis Khouri and Jeremie Noguer — are in town and will be presenting an overview of the native integration of Substance in Unity as well as an introduction to Physically Based Rendering- a hot topic and upcoming feature in Unity 5.0.



Plugin roundtable with awesome local Unity plugin/tool devs

Come join the Seattle Unity User Group for an evening of tool developers!

Creating and distributing your own games isn’t the only way to turn a profit with the Unity engine. As the number of Unity developers continues to rise, so does the need for a broader variety of tools and plugins in the Asset Store. During the keynote at Unite 2013, David Helgason revealed that the top plugin sellers are grossing nearly $90,000 a month, underscoring the demand for high quality tools and plugins.

The topic of writing your own tools and plugins for commercial release gives rise to many questions such as

• What’s the process behind creating a custom tool?
• What are some common pitfalls to avoid?
• How many units can you realistically expect to sell?
• What’s a good pricing model for your particular plugin?
• How much work goes into maintaining your tool post-release, whether in the form of upgrades or providing customer support?

We’ve invited three local plugin developers to participate in a roundtable to discuss their development experiences and answer these and whatever other questions you might have.

RSVP Here!


Post-GDC Unity Overview... Did someone say Unity 5?!

TIME: Monday, March 31, 2014 7pm

Location: REACTOR (Washington Interactive Network) 2820 Elliott Avenue , Seattle, WA


Unity 5! Well now we can talk about what Carl will be talking about! ;-)


Join our favorite Unity evangelist Carl Callewaert (@CarlUnity) for a conversation about Unity’s latest and greatest features, fresh off GDC! We can’t talk about what he will talk about just yet, but you wouldn’t want to miss this. 


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