Cool Jams Inc.

Dec 6th, 2016 by Constance Chen
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Some awesome and enterprising members of our community got together this month and said, “Hey, you know what? We should do a game jam. And it should be so cool… that it’s incorporated.”

Thus was the enthralling (and mostly made up) tale behind last weekend’s Cool Jams Inc., a game jam hosted at the Indies Workshop by Logan Fieth and based upon the podcast Cool Games Inc. Shout out to everyone who came out to the event – it had 60 in-person attendees and even more working remotely to help make some of the frankly coolest games I’ve seen all year!

But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at these (photos courtesy of the amazing Hannah Hogwood)!

And of course, don’t forget to check out the games themselves, which are best described as delightfully ludicrous:


Church 2

Coming Soon

Cook for Cube

Def Jam on Titan

Devil’s Food

Diner Dynamo

Grandma’s Pokemon




Super Star Enjoyer

Vape Crusade

Wattle Widdles

Where’s Walzyx

Get a Load of That Dog!

Hugh Jackman’s Huge Actin’

Super Flat Earth Galaxy

Danny Dorito: The Revenge of Chester Cheeto 4

Fathr: Explain tumblr to your dad simulator 2017

I Have No Mouth and I Must Dream

Judge Judy, The Executioner: The Evil Spirit of Justice

Magical Johnson’s Hoop Dreams

Why Hasn’t Anyone Made a Video Game About the TV Show Monk Yet?

12/14/16 EDIT: Seattle Weekly wrote an even more amazing article on the Jam! Check it out!