Seattle Indies Show & Tell!

Feb 12th, 2017 by Constance Chen
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Seattle Indies threw our first ever Show & Tell today! Generously hosted by the Living Computer Museum, our new event is a quarterly fun and low-pressure for Seattle game makers to show off their latest work. All games at all stages of development are welcome – anything from the latest 3 months of progress on games that have been in development for years, to validating crazy ideas/prototypes! The Show & Tell is a great opportunity to check out what fellow indies are cooking up and get playtesting feedback from both devs & players alike.

With over 25 games showing, both the quantity and quality of the showcase were an impressive feat! And of course, the pizza and donuts at 3pm helped us get power through the day. We can’t wait to host our next Show & Tell in June, but in the meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the games below!

If I missed your game, feel free to shoot me an email to let me know – I’d love to correct or add any missing links above!