About the Indie Support Group

The Seattle Indies features a weekly Saturday work session known as the Indie Support Group, hosted by the inestimable Ken Hoff. How it Works: Show up, introduce yourself, let everyone know what you hope to accomplish Head down, focus, get stuff done! Share your highs and lows, high fives all around The Indie Support Group also now has Unity Office Hours! We've got a number of professional Unity developers who are hanging out, working on their own projects, and totally willing to answer some technical Unity que...

By Constance Chen

About the Eastside Game Club

What a book club is to discussion of literature, this event is to discussion of game design. Every month, we agree to play one game, then meet to discuss and analyze its design and presentation. To Participate: Sign up for the event. Purchase the agreed-upon game. To make sure anyone can participate, we'll try to keep club games to under $20 and focus on Steam, web, or mobile. Play the game. Pick it apart. Take notes! Attend the event (very important!). We'll discuss our individual impressions and insig...

By Constance Chen
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