The Seattle Indie Interview: Scott Brodie

Tell us your name and how you got into indie games. My name is Scott Brodie and I’m an independent game designer. I started taking a serious interest in building indie games a few years ago after being exposed to the influential work of people like Jason Rohrer (Passage, Gravitation), Jonathan Blow (Braid), and Eskil Steenberg (LOVE). Their outspoken commitment to a personal vision was inspiring, but more importantly they shed light on viable paths I could follow to earn a living making the games I enjoyed bui...

By Matthew Burns

Spry Fox Releases Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is a “cooperative MMO shooter” developed by Wild Shadow Studios in association with Seattle indie Spry Fox. Spry Fox’s Danc has a great post on his blog Lost Garden on the game’s genesis, design challenges and lessons learned.

By Matthew Burns

Studio Organik’s Sen: Music Puzzle Action

Seattle Indie and Unity expert Samantha Kalman has uploaded an early version of her game Sen to Sen is a musical puzzle game where you compose the song as you play. “I submitted Sen to the Project Eden music game contest, in the hopes of getting a little funding for further development,” she says. “It would be awesome if y’all could try it out, and if you like it please give it a nice rating!” Play Sen here:  

By Matthew Burns

The Seattle Indie Interview: Dan MacDonald

Tell us your name and how you got into indie games. My name’s Dan MacDonald and I made my first indie game in LOGO when I was 13 years old. I’ve been hooked ever since and have continued working on my own little games projects whenever I can.  What moments in games inspire you? I remember getting PK’d in UO for the first time, I felt like someone had beat me up in real life. That was intense. These days I love playing games that capture the heart and passion of the team (generally a small one) ...

By Matthew Burns

Welcome to Seattle Indies

For a while we considered naming this group “Seattle Awesome People,” or “Awesome Indies,” but then we realized that “Seattle Indies” covers it. Coming soon!

By Matthew Burns

About the Meet & Drinks

The Seattle Indies features two social meetups per month: one in Seattle SODO, in the offices of local indie game studio 17-Bit, and another located on the Eastside, in a restaurant within the Bellevue Galleria. The Seattle meetups in 17-Bit offer some room and outlets for playtesting and showing off games, as well as the opportunity to put your tunes on our Spotify playlist. They are BYOB with the occasional donuts or chips. You can usually find the latest event on our Facebook page. The Eastside meetups are in ...

By Constance Chen