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Donate swag!

If you have something you'd like to donate, send us an email! We could always use the following:

  • Game keys, physical giveaways, or tickets/discounts
  • Showcase hardware such as monitors and peripherals
  • A venue! Finding a generous host is usually our hardest & most expensive bottleneck for events

Connect us to donors!

Know a company who would be interested in helping sponsor Seattle Indies? Please put us touch!


Donate your skills!

If you're a content creator looking to donate your time or talents, send us an email! We're always on the lookout for:

  • Artists for our monthly Patreon thank-you art
  • Writers guest-blogging about game development
  • Social media gurus to attend, photograph, and cover events
  • Community jurors for Seattle Indies Expo (sign up here!)

Join one of our committees

If you are passionate about making Seattle Indies a safe, inclusive and thriving community and helping on the organizational level then please consider joining one of the following committees

  • Community Management Committee - Maintain Seattle Indies web presence and drive our online communities and engagement.
  • Advisory, Ethics & Diversity Committee - Foster an inclusive community where all members feel welcome and safe.
  • Events Committee - Maintain and develop events, both new and recurring, that serve the Seattle Indies through community building, networking, and skill building.
  • Game Jams Committee - Inspire and motivate game-makers to prototype out small-scoped games that can serve as jumping points to larger concepts or ideas.
  • Fundraising Committee - Help us manage our Patreon and raise funds for our various events and programs throughout the year.

Give us your thoughts!

Have an awesome new idea? You can propose change by posting in the feedback-for-us channel in Discord, to our Facebook group, or by pitching your thoughts at one of our Town Hall events.